Easter Egg Hunt


Peter Kirk Park, Downtown Kirkland

Time & Date

1:30 PM Sharp!!

Sunday, March 31, 2024


Help hide eggs, work the line, & spread Easter Joy! Sign Up

20 minutes of waiting followed by the happiest 5 minutes in Kirkland!

Mark Shinstrom


Want to help with the fun? You can volunteer to hold the line, spread the joy (Easter Eggs) and share lots of smiles with everyone.

Starting at 1:30 sharp on Sunday March 31st the horn will go off indicating the 2024 The Easter Egg Hunt is on! For a quick overview of the fun, check out this YouTube video.

join the fun!

Want to help us provide this type of high spirited, fun event for kids? You can Volunteer to hold the line, spread the joy (Easter eggs) and generally smile at everyone. If this is the kind of event you’d like to see more of in Kirkland, join Kiwanis today!